Thursday, October 8, 2009


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Nothing exciting happened for this week. As if being trapped in the same routine, huuff. Cheerleading-thing went nice, and it's like cheerleading is the only thing that is exciting me, you know, I can jump, roll, run, throwing someone into the air, laughing, yelling, dancing, until I feel I'm losing all of my energies.

And because I was bored, I spent most of times in school by playing, and studying might be the second stuff that I would care about (nggadeng--takut dibaca nyokap wakakakak)
And it was just this afternoon that they've announced--reminded-- me about midtest that will be held in monday.


And I dont exactly know why the hell did they change all the rules of this bloody midtest. Dont ask why, how or what, whatsoever. we were pissed as hell.

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monday, is now my biggest fear. remembering that I don't want to have bad scores on stuffs, so I need to off and get back to the front of those books.

Au Revoir!

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