Friday, May 21, 2010


Such a long, way too long absent.
I even forgot the password and the email of this blog. This long absence is because I'm a little too active of my twitter account -->@diauntea (Blessed if Follow :D)

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Things start to be different now. Even I laugh, Sad, Feel, in a different way.
This has been the third month of my seventeen (which is so far, so good ;D)
Life seems to move pretty fast. as fast as the car that took me to school day by day and took me back home and took me here. and maybe will be taking me back to school, to life, to exams, to love, to everything every other day. Until maybe life gets bored of me, and take me off to heaven. someday (of course when my children and grandchildren ARE BORN and become successful).

Life is much more than what's in front of my eyes. It's hard to realize about that. I just realize in my seventeen years old.

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