Saturday, September 25, 2010


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I love listening. to everything. so when people ask me to listen, i'd love to do so. so when you give me earphones to listen, i'd love to do so too.
I listen to several new people these days; try to understand how things work out up there in their mind. I was surprised of realizing how stuffs really shocked me, that most of these kids in my age do feel the same way as I do. especially when things didn't go as we first plan or want.

Which I think is normal--I bet so does everybody. Especially those who are now currently staying in the age of mine. in a 'youngster who is not supposed to act like one' condition.
I wanna break off this box that i am trapped in. So I've been thinking of a getaway. To a new place where I can learn and find something freshly new and exciting. at least I dont wanna be in a trend where people think 'everything should be as I desire'. As I see people fight even their hardest to get what they want through anything. they get more even more and more selfish. Rather than not wanting to be trapped in the trend, I also am afraid to get contagious of that way of thinking. I. wanna. take. a. getaway.somewhere.

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A perfect month of a getaway, all alone, meet new people in a new fresh ability can be very nice. I hope I can do that after my graduation after make it to my dream university. Amin amin amin yarobalalamiin.

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